Exercise 1. Match a word on the left with a word on the right to make word partnerships from the text.

1. Constitutional a. of the Council of Federation

2. The Acts b. Arbitration Tribunal

3. The Supreme c. court

4. Legislative and executive d. decrees

5. The President’s e. bodies

6. The Russian Federation subjects f. subjects

Exercise 2. Choose the correct word from the option:

1. The following bodies are entitled …. to the Constitutional Court.

a) to accuse; b) to apply; c) to hear; d) to join.

2. The Constitutional Court takes part in the President’s ….. .

a) dispute; b) justice; c) misdemeanor; d) impeachment.

3. The Constitutional Court …… two chambers.

a) presides over; b) consists of; c) concerns; d) handles.

Exercise 3. Make the sentences.

The duties of the Constitutional Court are:

1) to decide …….. agree with the Constitution.

2) to deal with ……

3) to explain ……

4) to take part ……..

Exercise 4. Answer the questions:

1. What are the duties of the Constitutional Court?

2. Who can apply to the Constitutional Court?

3. Which problems are called competence problems?

4. How many chambers does the Constitutional Court consist of?

5. How many Constitutional judges does each chamber include?

Reading Text 1

Exercise 1. Match a word on the left with a word on the right to make word partnerships from the text. - student2.ru

Text 2: Welcome to The Tower Hotel

The Tower Hotel is in Shinjuku, the new business centre of Tokyo. It is an exciting area with excellent shopping and entertainment.

The Tower Hotel has luxurious rooms, which are ideal for the business traveler. Each room has TV channels in English such as CNN and the BBC. All rooms have voice mail, a fax machine and a personal safe. Each room is equipped for personal computer use and Internet access is free.

Before your evening meal you can relax in the fitness centre and sauna. There are two excellent restaurants for your meals. One offers a variety of international dishes; the other offers traditional Japanese cuisine.

There is an executive lounge with its own check-in and check-out service. Here you can get a free American breakfast and evening drinks. It has also got laser printers in a comfortable work area with tea- and coffee-making facilities.

There are ten function room with a full range of multimedia equipment for meetings and presentations. Technical and secretarial services are also available.

The Tower Hotel meets all the needs of the modern business traveller.

Text 3: John Edgar Hoover

John Edgar Hoover was born in 1885. He was a native of Washington, D.C. He went to school there and then to George Washington University where he studied law. As a student he was brilliant and had a great choice after graduating from the University. But Hoover got a job in the Department of Justice. Very soon they sent him to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That was in 1924 when J.E. Hoover was forty. For many years he was the head of the FBI and made it the world’s greatest law enforcement organizations. He opened a technical and scientific laboratory, identification division, set up a lot of training schools. He was also the initiator of the National Police Academy where he taught as the chief instructor. John Hoover had a photographic mind: he called agents by their first names, he remembered all investigations and their results. He said: “The main task of the FBI is the protection of people against crime”. As to his personal life, he had no time to get married. When he was not busy with his service in the FBI, he usually went fishing or hunting. Hoover played tennis very well. He also liked good music.

Exercise 13. Answer the questions:

1.When and where was John Edgar Hoover born?

2.Where and what did he study?

3.What a job did John Hoover get after the University?

4.What was his next job?

5.What new did he make in the FBI?

6.What was his personal life?

7.What did he like?

Exercise 1. Match a word on the left with a word on the right to make word partnerships from the text. - student2.ru

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