I. Give Russian equivalents to the following English words and word combinations.

1) to be familiar with smth a) управлять временем
2) free training courses b) короткое замыкание
3) communication skills c) облегчать
4) in the long run d) проходить курсы
5) to come across e) бесплатные курсы подготовки
6) to manage time f) умение общаться
7) software g) знать что-либо
8) to make it easier h) в конце концов, в общем
9) short circuit i) натолкнуться, случайно встретиться
10) to take courses j) программное обеспечение

II. Fill in the gaps with suitable prepositions

1. Smaller problems are easier to think ….

2. There are lots of resources and methods … the Internet to help you with problem solving.

3. Every engineer might also work … more specialist software.

4. It is vital… an engineer to be able to communicate effectively with the people he works with.

5. Every engineer should be familiar… computers and IT technology.

III. Match a word in A with its synonym in B:

1) opportunity a) easy
2) to improve b) to propose
3) to require c) to assist  
4) to use d) possibility
5) to offer e) to apply
6) to help f) to make better
7) simple g) to demand

IV. Discussion. How would you answer the questions?

1. Why are general IT skills important for an engineer?

2. Why is it vital for an engineer to have good communication skills?

3. What are the ways to improve communication skills?

4. Maths skills are vital to engineering. Why?

5. What techniques can help an engineer to solve problems effectively?

Text C


There are some skills, attributes and qualities that are thought necessary to enable the engineer to practice effectively in a professional manner. These attributes, skills and qualities are listed under five headings:

1) Knowledge and Understanding

2) Intellectual Abilities

3) Practical Skills

4) General Transferable Skills

5) Qualities.

The attributes are summarised in the table below:

Heading Demonstration of Skills / Attributes / Qualities
Knowledge & Understanding A Graduating Engineer should be able to demonstrate: 1) Specialist (Discipline) knowledge 2) Understanding of external constraints 3) Business and Management techniques 4) Understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities 5) Understanding of the impact of engineering solutions on society 6) Awareness of relevant contemporary issues
Intellectual Abilities A Graduating Engineer should be able to demonstrate: 1) The ability to solve engineering problems, design systems etc. through creative and innovative thinking 2) The ability to apply mathematical, scientific and technological tools 3) The ability to analyze and interpret data and, when necessary, design experiments to gain new data 4) The ability to maintain a sound theoretical approach in enabling the introduction of new technology 5) The ability to apply professional judgement, balancing issues of costs, benefits, safety, quality etc. 6) The ability to assess and manage risks
Practical Skills A Graduating Engineer should be able to: 1) Use a wide range of tools, techniques, and equipment (including software) appropriate to their specific discipline 2) Use laboratory and workshop equipment to generate valuable data 3) Develop, promote and apply safe systems of work
General Transferable Skills A Graduating Engineer should be able to: 1) Communicate effectively, using both written and oral methods 2) Use Information Technology effectively 3) Manage resources and time 4) Undertake lifelong learning for continuing professional development
Qualities A Graduating Engineer should be: 1) Creative, particularly in the design process 2) Analytical in the formulation and solutions of problems 3) Innovative, in the solution of engineering problems 4) Self-motivated, 5) Independent of mind, with intellectual integrity, particularly in respect of ethical issues 6) Enthusiastic, in the application of their knowledge, understanding and skills in pursuit of the practice of engineering

I. Find English equivalents for the following Russian words.


a) science b) scientist c) scientific d) scientifically


a) equip b) equipage c) engine d) equipment

Мастерская, цех

a) workshop b) work c) workman d) workless


a) value b) valuable c) valuation d) valueless


a) responsible b) respond c) responsibility d) response

Свойство, признак

a) attribute b) attract c) attraction d) attractive

Сознание, осознание

a) aware b) awareness c) award d) awful


a) develop b) device c) development d) deviation


a) date b) data c) datum d) dated


a) safe b) safeguard c) safety d) safely

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