Sum up what the text said about VAT

4. Insert articles:

Excuse me, may I have... look at one of... chains displayed in... window?

Just... minute.

Here is... calculator.

Just... length I wanted to have.

Here is your box and... receipt, please.

May I reclaim... VAT tax?

I'll consult... book.

5. Insert prepositions:

Where are you...?

Yes, you are eligible... the reclaim.

Please fill in this form. You'll give it... the customs.

Are you leaving... plane?

What should I do... this form?

Fill it in before you leave... the airport.

Have it stamped... the customs,... the airport.

In a month or so you'll receive a cheque... post.

Have it cashed... the bank stated.

6. Translate into English:

Могу я получить НДС обратно?

Что мне делать с этой формой?

заполнить форму

предъявить форму на таможне

поставить штамп на этой форме

опустить форму (конверт) в почтовый ящик

получить деньги по чеку в банке

ü конверт — envelope

7. Make sentences:

• I had the form two forms a few forms stamped at the customs
• I had the cheque cashed yesterday last week a month ago
• What should 1 do about this form this cheque this receipt

8. Complete the dialogues and act out similar ones:

— Excuse me, may I... chain... window?

— Certainly ... number...?

— It's 9...

— Just... Yes, here ...

— And how long...?

— ... inches.

— And how centemetres?

— Let me ... calculator... I should multiply...

— Just wanted to have.

— And how much...?

— One hundred...

— Good. I'm... box. receipt...

— Excuse me, may I reclaim ... ?

— And ... from?

— From Russia.

— Just a minute.... the book. Yes, you are eligible to...

— May I have... passport to fill...?

— Here you are.

— Here is your passport and the form. Please fill... before you give it to .. How are you leaving? By...?

— Yes, by. . And what should... form?

— Fill in this form before... and have it stamped... Then post... In a month, ... at the bank...

— I see. Thank ..

—... more than...

9. Translate into Russian:

VAT is usually incorporated in the price.

A rather big sum was reclaimed this time.

A rather small sum was reclaimed, to my mind.

The appropriate receipts and forms were issued.

I believe the envelope with the form stampted was properly posted.

Ansver the following questions

• Had you heard anything about the VAT scheme in Great Britain before you read this text?

• On what goods can foreign visitors have VAT reclaimed when then leave Great Britain?

• What should they practically do to have VAT reclaimed?

• Do you find this procedure very complicated?

• Is a similar scheme practised in Russia, as rar as you know?

ü complicated — сложный

Unit thirty one



In England most shops open from 9 a. m. to 5.30 p. m. on Mon­day to Saturday, although some stay open much later especially in London and other large cities. In small towns and villages many shops close early on Wednesdays. Not many shops are open on Sundays.

Besides cash, a lot of shops accept plastic cards. Some may also accept Eurocheques.

One day one of the participants went to Foyle's, a famous book­shop in the centre of London.

Here is his talk with the shop assistant after he chose a few things he wanted to buy:

Participant: Can I have this book and this poster, please9 And these postcards and two first class stamps for America.

Shop assistant: The book, the poster and the cards come to ten pounds twenty. But we don't sell stamps.

Participant: And where can I buy a few?

Shop assistant: You have to get them from a post office

Participant: And where is the nearest one?

Shop assistant: Just round the corner.

Participant: Thank you.

Shop assistant: Welcome.

Here is another talk at a clothes department of a big department store, after the participant chose a certain dress she liked:

Participant: Excuse me, may I try it on anywhere here? Shop as­sistant: Yes, certainly. The fitting room is over there.

Participant: ... Thank you. It fits me well and I like it. Where shall I pay?

Shop assistant: The cashier's desk is just at the end of the aisle...

Cashier: Cash or credit?

Participant: Cash, please... Thank you.

Here is a talk at a shoe shop:

Participant: Excuse me, have you got size thirty seven in these shoes?

Shop keeper: This is a continental size. It must correspond to British size five. Just a minute I'll have a look if we have size five in these shoes.

Shop assistant: Can I help you?

Participant: Thank you. Being served.

Shop keeper: Here is your size... How does that feel?

Participant: A bit tight. Can I try the next size up?

Shop keeper: Here is five and a half.

Participant: Oh, this is much better. Thank you. I'm buying this pair.

Words and expressions

shop (Br.)   магазин
store (Am.)   магазин
to open   открывать (ся)
a. m.   до полудня
p. m.   после полудня
Monday   понедельник
Tuesday ['tjüzdI] вторник
Wednesday   среда
Thursday ['TýzdI] четверг
Friday   пятница
Saturday   суббота
Sunday   воскресенье
to stay   оставаться, находиться
to stay open   быть открытым
much later   намного позже
town [taun] город (небольшой), упот­
    ребляется с артиклем
    ü В тексте относится к
    любому городу и поэтому
    используется без артикля
village ['vIl@³] поселок, городок (в сель­
    ской местности)
to close   закрывать (ся)
early   рано
Eurocheque ['ju@r@¶ek] еврочек
Foyle's   Фойлз Крупнейший
    книжный магазин в Лон­
    доне, называется по име­
    ни первого его владельца
bookshop   книжный магазин
to choose (chose, chosen)   выбирать
poster   плакат
postcard   почтовая открытка
stamp   марка
post office   почтовое отделение
corner   угол
round the corner   за углом
clothes   одежда
department   отдел
department store   универсальный магазин
dress   платье
to try   мерить
anywhere ['enIwe@] где-либо
fitting room   примерочная
to fit   годиться, быть в пору
cashier's desk   касса
end   конец
at the end of   в конце
aisle [aIl] проход (между рядами,
    стойками и т д )
size   размер
to correspond   соответствовать
to serve   обслуживать
Being served.   Мнои уже занимаются
to feel (felt, felt)   чувствовать
tight [taIt] тесный
a bit tight   немного тесно
half   половина
much better   намного лучше
pair   пара


1. Translate into Russian:

• to go shopping • fitting room
to pay cash cashier's desk
to accept plastic cards shop keeper
department stores shop assistant
bookshops to buy — to sell
shoe shops to try on

2. Underline the answers true to the text:

• Are most shops open on Sundays in England? Yes, they are. No, they are not. Only in London most shops are open on Sundays.
• Are most shops open till late at night on working days? Yes, they are. No, they are not. Only in London most shops are open till midnight.
• What money do shops ac­cept from customers? Only cash. Cash and Eurocheques only. Cash, plastic cards and Eurocheques.

3. Complete as in the text:

In England most shops open... on Monday to Saturday, although some stay open much later... In small towns and villages... Not many... on Sundays. Besides cash a lot of shops... Some... Eurocheques.

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