Put the correct words from the table below in the above article

1. (a) in (b) on (c) at (d) out
2. (a) on (b) to (c) by (d) at
3. (a) for (b) in (c) since (d) by
4. (a) love affair (b) lover (c) loving (d) loved
5. (a) similarities (b) simile (c) similarity (d) similar
6. (a) sew (b) so (c) sue (d) stew
7. (a) products (b) producer (c) production (d) produced
8. (a) confusion (b) confuse (c) confused (d) confusing
9. (a) cute (b) attractive (c) pretty (d) lovely
10. (a) into (b) inside (c) in (d) inner
11. (a) wither (b) without (c) withhold (d) withdraw
12. (a) advise (b) advice (c) advisor (d) advising

The Krispy Kreme donut company may be (1) ____ trouble because of one of its new donuts. A war of words has started between Krispy Kreme Australia and Australia’s biggest cookie company, Arnott. The biscuit company wants to take Krispy Kreme (2) ____ court. Arnott’s legal team says the Krispy Kreme Iced Dough-Vo donut is a copy of its own Iced Vo-Vo biscuit. Arnott has had a trademark on the Vo-Vo (3) ____ 1906. It is one of Australia’s best-(4) ____ cookies. Arnott’s lawyers say the Krispy Kreme donut is almost identical to its biscuit, both in name and in recipe. It also looks (5) ____, with its pink icing and coconut sprinkling. Arnott has asked Krispy Kreme to stop selling the Iced Dough-Vo. If it doesn’t, Arnott will take legal action and (6) ____ Krispy Kreme.

Krispy Kreme sees no problem with its Iced Dough-Vo. A spokesman for the company, John McGuigan, told reporters that the two (7) ____ were quite different, and that the public would not (8) ____ the two. "Krispy Kreme customers are (9) ____ smart. They can tell the difference between a doughnut and a biscuit," he said. Mr. McGuigan added his lawyers looked (10) ____ Arnott’s accusation and decided they were wrong. He said: "We did receive a request from lawyers representing Arnott that we (11) ____ our donuts from the shelves in our stores because we were allegedly in breach of various trademarks. We've taken advice, and the (12) ____ is that's not the case." McGuigan also said the similarity of the name was just a tribute to Arnott’s famous biscuit.

10. Look in your dictionaries / computer to find collocates, other meanings, information, synonyms … for the words ‘legal’ and ‘action’. Fill in the table given below.

Legal Action

· Share your findings with your partners.

· Make questions using the words you found.

· Ask your partner / group your questions.

11. What kind of problems do you think companies have with each other? Complete this table. Share your answers with your partner(s).

Companies Problems Your opinion of the company
Google / Yahoo    
Coca Cola / PepsiCo    
1st TV Channel (Russia) / NTV (Russia)    
Sony / Samsung    
McDonalds / Burger King    

Students A strongly believe there should be no such thing as trademarks. Students B strongly believe trademarks are essential to protect companies. Change partners and talk about your conversations.

13. Rate these food chains from 10 (unbelievably amazing) to 1 (I'd rather eat mud). Share your ideas with your partner(s).

_____ Krispy Kreme _____ Pizza Hut _____ Kentucky Fried Chicken _____ Taco Bell _____ Baskin Robbins _____ McDonalds _____ Starbucks _____ (From your country)

14. Spend one minute writing down all of the different words you associate with the word ‘trouble’. Share your words with your partner(s) and talk about them. Together, put the words into different categories.

15. Choose several of the words from the text. Use a dictionary or Google’s search field (or another search engine) to build up more associations / collocations of each word you have chosen.

Search the Internet and find out more about Krispy Kreme donuts. Share what you discover with your partner(s) in the next lesson. Think of any kind of similar precedents that have taken place in your country. Share your ideas with the partners.

17. Make a poster about different food chain stores. Write about the good and bad things of each one. Show your work to your classmates in the next lesson. Did you all have similar things?

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