Department of Social Service and Tourism

The Chair of the Department - Cand.Sc. (Economics), senior lecturer N.G.Fonova (tel. 375-97-46).

The Department offers training programmes in the following spheres:

rock-climbing - training sessions are held in the indoor sports hall,

orienteering and sports tourism - University Stadium,

fitness-aerobics - in the aerobics sports hall at the Stadium.

Combat Sports Department

The Chair of the Department - Cand.Sc. (Education), senior lecturer, Master of Sports O.V.Dolganov (tel. 375-47-28).

The Department offers training programmes in the following spheres:

boxing - in the campus sports hall,

power-lifting - in the campus sports hall (next to the boxing hall);

judo and sambo - in the combat sports hall in the business-centre (behind the Sports Games building).

Department of Recreational Sports

The Chair of the Department, Master of Sports of International Level (athletics), Prof. M.P. Spirina (tel. 375-97-57).

As a rule, groups are formed according to disease profiles, most training sessions are held on the University campus. Our students, faculty and

staff are welcome to use the University's swimming pool. Swim for fitness or leisure in our fantastic, 25m, 6-lane pool.

Services: swimming (for UrFU students, faculty and staff - 50% discount), swimming instructors, water aerobics.

Opening hours: 6:30-22:00 The first session starts at 6:30 and the last - at 20:45.

The schedule of training programmes and sessions is available at: Kominterna str., 14a.


Information about all performance groups can be found here:


1. Folk group "Theatre of Choreographic Plastique "Vis-a-Vis" Tel.: 8-9122655956 (Nina)

2. Dance group "Fenomen - A" (first team) 89326136013 (Alexandra)

3. Dance group "Fenomen-A" 89221054444 (Natalya)

4. Ballroom dance sport studio (first team) 219-75-57 (Olga)

5. Hip-hop studio "Forsage" 89193628826 (Ekaterina)

6. Club and dance group "Dobrye Vstrechi" ("Friends Meetings")

7. Dance studio "Dance Laboratory" Tel.: 89122488437 (Oxana Yurievna)

8. Dance team "ForWard" Tel.: 89022699684 (Ekaterina)

9. Acrobatic rock'n'roll club "Faribso" Tel.: 89122445123 (Olga Alexandrovna)

10. Dance studio "Decadance" Tel.: 89655172458 (Maria)

11. Historical dance group "V Perekhode" ("In Transition") Tel.: 89506593356 (Evgenia)


1. Student drama theatre "Stary Dom" ("Old House") 89028790589 (Nikolai Alexandrovich)

2. Linguistic theatre "Lingva-T" 89126640025 (Lubov Alekseevna)

3. Student music theatre "Verona" Tel.: 89193902651 (Alexander)

4. «English Theater Club» Tel.: 89226000611 (Ekaterina)

Choir, vocal training

1. Student choir 89126698412 (Svetlana Pavlovna)

2. Choir n.a. V.B. Serebrovsky Tel.: 350-19-84

3. Vocal group "Voice Message" Tel.: 89028722478 (Yulia)

Orchestras, music bands

1. Early music choir "Choral" Tel.: 89292170439 (Roman Pavlovich)

2. Folk music band IRIT-RtF 89122151980 (Irina Alexandrovna)

3. Folk music band "Rifey" 89043894572 (Tatyana Vladimirovna)


1. UrFU Club "Ural"

2. Tourist club "Romantic" Mikhail Larionov Tel.: 8 922 102 00 26, e-mail: [email protected]: 299 527 437

3. Club of Foreign Languages Lisa Yurkina, Tel.: 8 908 630 54 40

4. Parliamentary Debate Club Kristina Bezukladnova Tel.: +7-904-164-93-90 [email protected]

Currency (coins and banknotes)

Rouble is the national currency of the Russian Federation. Since the mid-19th century one rouble has been subdivided into 100 kopecks. The international currency code is RUB. It can be also denoted by such symbols as р., руб. The banknotes which commonly circulate in Russia are 10, 50, 100 and 1,000 roubles, there are also 1, 2, 5, and 10-rouble coins.

Department of Social Service and Tourism - Department of Social Service and Tourism - Department of Social Service and Tourism - Department of Social Service and Tourism - Department of Social Service and Tourism -


Russia has a voltage of 220 V, an electrical frequency of 50 Hz, a plug (socket) type of F or C . In Ekaterinburg voltage converters and plug adapters can be bought in any shops selling electronics, but you can also bring one with you if you use a laptop.


If you are planning to come to Ekaterinburg, you'll be interested to know that our only airport is called "Koltsovo". The airport's website is "Koltsovo" is the largest regional airport in Russia. Over 40 Russian and foreign airline companies connect Ekaterinburg to more than 100 cities of the world, and via convenient points of transfer - international hubs - practically with any place on the planet.

Railway Station

Website: Address: Vokzalnaya str., 22

Ekaterinburg has railway connections with such cities as Kazan, Perm, Samara, Chelyabinsk, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and others.

The intercity and suburban coach service is available at Southern, and Northern bus terminals, as well as from Eastern and Southern bus stations.


There are all sorts of transport in Ekaterinburg including buses, trams, trolley-buses, underground and taxi.

You can follow public transport through the Internet websites,, websites for mobile phones, using smartphone applications (Android, iOS, Windows Phone), by using text message service "Gde Tramvai" ("Where's the Tram").

Here are the most popular taxi companies:

310-10-10 – Taxi «Tri Desyatki»

3 – 450 – 450 – «Avtomig»

238-38-38 – «Vezet»


There are a lot of various banks in Ekaterinburg, the largest of which are Sberbank and SKB-Bank.

If you are entitled to a scholarship, it might be a good idea to get an "SKB-Bank" card.

All the information about "SKB-Bank" cards is here:

Mobile Phone Companies

There are four large mobile phone companies operating in Ekaterinburg: MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Motiv.

To buy a SIM-card, you must have an ID document (passport).

Addresses of their sales offices can be found here:





Trade Centres

There are plenty of trade centres in Ekaterinburg where you can buy everything: from food to manufactured goods and clothes. These shopping malls usually have food courts, bowling centres, cinemas. Here is a list of their addresses:

EcoMall "Granate" Address: Amundsena str., 63

"Uspensky", Vainera str., 10

"Botanica Mall" Address: Akademika Shvartsa str., 1

"Germes - Plaza" Address: Malysheva str., 16

"Greenwich" Address: 8 Marta str., 46

"Dirigable" Address: Akademika Shvartsa str., 17

"Europe", Address: Lenin pr., 25

"Carnival" Address: Khalturina str., 55 (McDonald's, Auchan)

"KomsoMall" Address: "MEGA" Address: Metallurgov str., 87 (IKEA, Auchan. McDonald's)

"Megapolis" Address: 8 Marta str, 149 (Burger King)

"Park House" Address: Sulimova str., 50

"Raduga - Park" Address: Repina str, 94 (McDonald`s, Media Markt)

"Fun-Fun" Address: Yasnaya str., 2 (McDonald's)


Here is a list of bookstores every book lover will definitely enjoy visiting:

"100,000 Knig" ("100,000 Books") - Dekabristov str., 51/a Turgeneva str., 13

"Dom Knigi" ("Book House") Antona Valeka str., 12 Opalikhinskaya str., 15 Blukhera str., 51 8 Marta str., 149 Uralskaya str., 61a Vikulova str., 35/2

"Zhivoe Slovo" ("Living Word") Gagarina str., 1 Kraulya str., 44 Blukhera str., 12 Pekhotintsev str., 6

"Chitay Gorod" Lenina pr., 49 Vainera str., 12

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