Match career changes to the speakers

Speaker 1 teaching Math

Speaker 2 painting

Speaker 3 running the Human Resources Department

Speaker 4 working in a travel agency

Exercise 17 Listen again and complete the sentences with one of the words below:

Career plan, time management, ambition, challenge

1. Speaker 1’s greatest weakness is ____.

2. Speaker 2 joined the army because he had no _____.

3. Speaker 3 studied human resources because she wanted a ______.

4. To hold an exhibition of his own pictures was Speaker 4’s ____.

Exercise 18 Match words from left and right to find their definitions.

graduate from person’s rank in employment
apply for a job get much money
position chief
get a rise complete an educational course
salary receive a higher salary
head write an official request for a position
earn much money a person is paid
be responsible for do business with
deal with having control or authority (over)
Match career changes to the speakers -

Exercise 19 Look at the picture, read the text, and answer the questions below.

When I leave school, I will become a student. It will be the most prestigious university in the country. When I graduate from the university, I will apply for a job in Union Bank. It's the largest and most respectable bank. If I work hard at the bank they will give me a higher position. At first I’ll be responsible for a small department with five or six employees. If I get a new position, I'll get a rise. If the pay rise is good enough, I'll buy a car. When I have a car, I will get to work earlier. If I work harder and long hours, my boss will let me deal with important and wealthy clients and I'll be responsible for larger department with twenty people. If I'm responsible for a big department, I'll get a high salary. If my salary is very high, I'll buy a penthouse. It will be in the centre of the city with a beautiful view. If I'm the head of a big department, if I earn much money and if I have an expensive flat, my boss's daughter will certainly pay attention to me and fall in love with me. If I marry the boss's daughter, I’ll become his partner and I won't work long hours. I'll meet only important clients and I will have long holidays in....

- Hey, Tom! Are you listening to me? It's me, your teacher. Why aren't you working? Take your pen and write down "When I leave school I'll ... '.'

Exercise 20 Answer the questions.

1. Where is a person? 2. What is he? 3. What is he doing? 4. What is he dreaming about? 5. Does he want to become a teacher? 6. What is his dream job? 7. Is he an ambitious person? 8. Are you an ambitious person? What is your dream job?

Exercise 21 Talk to your partner about your hopes, dreams and ambitions. Do you think you can achieve your ambitions? Use the following phrases.

One day, I’d like to … be a programmer (a teacher, a manager, a scientist …); learn to ….
I’m thinking of… doing a degree in IT (music, education, management…)
My dream is to …. go to London (Tokyo…) one day (in a year…)
My aim is to …. train (earn a lot of money, make a career, get ahead in my career, study for extra qualifications, do research, get a promotion…)
My ambition is to …. be the chief (work hard, have a job that I like…)
I’ve always wanted to … be a teacher (live in a big city, move to another country…)

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