Writing Activity

Exercise 1. Express the following sentences in the Passive.

Model: They asked me my name and address. – I was asked my name and address.

1. Someone told us a very funny story yesterday. 2. The people gave him a hearty welcome. 3. They have offered my brother a very good job. 4. The house agents showed us some very nice flats. 5. The secretary didn't tell me the exact time of my appointment. 6. They have never taught that rude boy good manners. 7. The teacher hasn't asked the student any questions at this lesson. 8. People wished the newly married couple a long and happy life. 9. They never tell me the family news. 10. The examiners didn't give us enough time to answer all the questions. 11. A guide will show the tourists most of the sights of London. 12. He didn't tell me the whole truth.

Exercise 2. Say the sentences in the Passive.

Model: my sister/ operate on/ a distinguished surgeon – My sister will be operated on by a distinguished surgeon.

1. a sound of violin/ hear/ in the hall; 2. he/ praise/ his father/ hard work; 3. I/ wake up/ at 7 o'clock/ my mother; 4. the envelope/ find/ on my desk; 5. this book/ buy/ a week ago; 6. the picture/ paint/ great artist; 7. the window/ break/ the other day; 8. the letter/ post/ tomorrow; 9. your report/ discuss/ next week; 10. the time-table/ change/ in a week; 11. we/ meet/ at the station/ Tom; 12. the letter/ bring/ recently; 13. milk/ spill/ just/ Jack; 14. this cup/ break/ my little brother; 15. she/ show/ the shortest way/ station; 16. the lecturer/ ask/ question/ about Dreiser; 17. I/ lend/ this book/ last Tuesday; 18. the telegram/ send/ her brother; 19. the doctor/ send for; 20. the teacher/ listen to/ attentively; 21. his speech/ speak about/ much; 22. this article/ refer to/ often; 23. the plan/ agree upon; 24. his lecture/ listen to/ with great interest; 25. this house/ live in/ never.

Exercise 3. Change the voice of the verb in bold type, making all other necessary changes.

1. The Russian troops under the command of Suvorov captured Ismail. They partly annihilated, partly took prisoner the Turkish garrison. It was one of the glorious victories that Suvorov won. 2. Meteorologists collect weather reports from all parts of the country. 3. You will have to wait while they aresoling your shoes. 4. Russian scientists havemade many wonderful discoveries. 5. A pleasant and appetizing smell was spreading all over the place. Evidently somebody wasroasting chicken. 6. The company hadshipped the cargo to the town before the agent arrived. 7. The librarian willhaveentered the new books in the register before another parcel arrives. 8. Don't leave yet; in a minute the head of the expedition willbegiving each of us instructions.

Exercise 4. Change the following sentences into the passive voice using the italicized words as the grammatical subject. Use a by-phrase where indicated.

1. They guarded thesecret well. 2. They extinguished thelight immediately and then they slow­ly opened thedoor. 3. Mrs. Hastings is subletting theflat at eighty pounds. (by) 4. "I am sure somebody is watching thehouse," said Poirot. 5. "He has lost thebriefcase," I repeated. 6. Do you know that Mrs. Ridgeway has offered thecottage for sale? (by) 7. When we arrived, they were still discussing thequestion. 8. He was sure the pirates had hidden thetreasure on the island. (by) 9. His parents give him no pocket money. (by) 10. The landlady will ask you no questions. 11. The discovery has aroused thegreatestinterest. (by) 12. He didn't give anydetails in his report. 13. I have just sent atelegramme to them. 14. The maidservant informed him that Miss Marple was not at home. (by) 15. The patient complains that you have allowed thecompress to get quite dry. 16. Eliza's long absence alarmed ProfessorHiggins. (by) 17. In England if you do not repeat the phrase "Lovely day, isn't it?" at least two hundred times a day, people consider you a bit dull. 18. He sighed so comically that this forced me to laugh. 19. "We are not sure," he said into the microphone, "but we think that the fish served on board at dinner has caused thepoisoning" (by) 20. "Doctor Ross hasn't operated on thepatient yet," (by) said the nurse. 21. They thought of abrilliantplan to save Arthur. 22. All the soldiers looked on him (by) as their son. 23. The family sent for Marry if something was wrong. 24. He was commenting on theinternationalsituation, when I entered the lecture hall.

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