Professions in accounting

From small businesses to international corporations, accounting industry professionals _____C____. Accountants work with their individual clients and organizations to record business transactions, provide financial advice and manage important bookkeeping tasks. From ensuring that company, employees receive their paycheck to managing the overhead expenses of a corporation, accountants are indispensable partners in business. Some of the top titles for Certified Public Accountants include Project Accountant, Billing Coordinator, Accounts Payable Clerk, Accounting Sales Manager, and Tax Accountant. Most accountants specialize _________.

In general meaning accountant is an individual who plans and sets up the accounting and bookkeeping system for companies or organizations in private, public or voluntary sectors. The exact material that an accountant handles, varies __________, but generally includes financial statements, taxes, and responsibility for the drawing up a financial report. An accountant is one of the primary figures in a business, whether it is a multinational corporation or a small family business.

According to the AICPA1 statistics, nearly 70% of accounting graduates get job offers, but still 30% graduates are out of jobs. The main problem to be solved is the quality of accountants. Different additional courses for rising up qualification are the best practice for those who want to be the best in this sphere. Mutual sharing of experience also helps specialists _________. Competitive atmosphere can help to solve this problem that is the reason why companies practice this economic method and give incentive payments and awards, which stimulate employees. A good accountant cannot be a qualified specialist without creative and independent thinking. Use a calculator is not the main feature of modern accountants. It is just an archaic stereotype __________. High intellectual potential, critical mind, broad outlook, good understanding of the nature of ethics in business and the “behaviour” of business entities, comprehensive knowledge of global economic trends are also important for this profession.

In our highly developed economy, many people work in accounting-related fields. Career opportunities in accounting profession have __________. Though the main aspect of these jobs concentrates on financial management, there are some tasks, which are concerned with personnel management, financial fraud investigation, and tax formalities.In fact, nearly two million people make their living as bookkeepers, accountants, and auditors. They work for businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and other organizations and associations.

1The American Institute of CPAs is the world’s largest member association representing the accounting profession.

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