The Future Perfect Tense

Exercise 1. Translate into Russian and comment on the use of the Future Perfect Tense.

1. By ten they will have gone; come earlier if you can. 2. The plane will have taken off when we get to the airport. 3. If you come at five, I’ll have translated the article. 4. Will you have finished the washing-up by the time the film begins. 5. By that time he will have got your letter, don’t phone him. 6. She’s leaving on Saturday, but I think she will have made all her purchases by then. 7. He must give the book back next Tuesday, but he will have read it long before that day. 8. We won’t have written the test by the time the teacher comes.

Exercise 2. Make the following sentences negative and interrogative.

1. By the time he comes we’ll have completed the task ourselves. 2. He’ll have guessed the crossword puzzle by the time the boss comes back. 3. She’ll have taken up something else by summer. 4. Somebody will have shown up by six. 5. They will have done everything by Sunday. 6. Ann will have bought the tickets by the time you arrive at the station. 7. Tom will have ordered everything when we come to the restaurant. 8. By 2020, people will have learnt to grow food on the seabed. 9. By the end of the autumn, they will have built a new skating-rink in this district. 10. Antony will have opened a new cafe not far from here by the end of the year.

Exercise 3. What do you think will have happened on Earth by 2050? Use some of the ideas given bellow, but think of your own ideas, too.

Pattern: By 2050 people won’t have found cure against AIDS.

- find a cure against cancer; - learn to grow food on seabed; - learn to live on seabed; - construct colonies on Moon/Mars; - stop global heating; - invent time-travel; - learn to predict earthquakes; - design a common language; - solve hunger problem; - improve medical care system; - improve education system; - solve the Loch-Ness mystery; - find extra-terrestrial intelligence.

Exercise 4. Complete the following sentences.

1. By the time he comes… 2. When this term is over… 3. By the end of the week… 4. By the end of the academic year… 5. When they are through with this task… 6. When my parents come home… 7. Before the end of his/her holiday… 8. When they get to the station…

Exercise 5. Use the Future Perfect Tense instead of the infinitives in brackets.

1. I hope they (build) this bridge by the end of the year. 2. What you (do) by the time I come back? 3. By the end of this year Mr. Faith (work) for this company for fifty years. 4. They (pick) all the apples by the end of October. 5. Your guests (go) by five? 6. By the end of the month 2000 people (fall ill). Are you going to send help? 7. Will you take me to see the castle when I come? – Oh, by all means. I think I (pass) my driving test by then. Then we’ll go by car. 8. He used to have black hair, but now… I think he (go) completely grey by the time he’s 40. 9. We’re trying to raise money for our fund. By the end of the year we (raise) $ 2000. 10. By the end of the week she (drive) 50 miles. 11. They (be married) for five years tomorrow.

Exercise 6. Use the Future Perfect, the Future Simple and the Present Simple Tense instead of the infinitives in brackets.

1. I (hope) when I (come) back you (finish) your homework. 2. You (be) late. By the time you (get) there they (eat) everything up. 3. Too many people (fall ill) every day. I’m afraid by the end of the month epidemic (spread) here. 4. These batteries (run out) in two days. Don't forget to get some. 5. Your watch (be) slow. We (be) late! The party (begin) by the time we (come)! 6. The house is very old. They (demolish) it by the time you (come) to our city again, I think. 7. Tornadoes (speed) through the island every year. By the end of the season they (damage) many buildings and (injure) or (kill) many people. 8. By that time you (go) crazy or (forget) it all.

Exercise 7. Translate the following sentences into English.

1. Мы сделаем это упражнение к двум часам, а потом вместе пойдем в парк. 2. Они построят эту школу к 1 сентября. 3. Завтра исполняется 10 лет с тех пор, как она начала работать на этой фирме. 4. Надеюсь, к концу недели они починят нашу стиральную машину. 5. Рабочие закончат ремонт дома к началу осени. 6. Что ты успеешь сделать к тому времени, как я приду? 7. Они закончат строительство к зиме, не правда ли? 8. Уверен, что он не прочтет книгу к назначенному сроку. 9. Они не напишут тест к приходу учителя. 10. Сколько времени вы женаты? — В будущем году исполнится десять лет, как я женат. 11. Я позвоню тебе в 11. – Нет, я уже лягу спать к этому времени. Можешь позвонить пораньше?

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