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Mrs. Richards' Shopping

Last Sunday Mrs. Richards looked into her refrigerator and saw that it was nearly empty. Mrs. Richards does not like it when there is nothing in her refrigerator. She took a big bag and went shopping.

The best place to do your shopping in is a supermarket. There is a good supermarket not far from Mrs. Richards' house, and she went there. The supermarket has many self-service counters. Mrs. Richards likes it because at a self-service counter you can choose what you like and take it off the counter with your own hands.

When Mrs. Richards came to the shop, she took a basket at the entrance and went inside. First she went to the butcher's counter. They did not have beef that day, but there was a good choice of pork.

Mrs. Richards took a good piece of pork and two chickens. She also took half a kilo of mince. Then she went to the greengrocer's counter, because she wanted some potatoes and cabbage. She did not like the potatoes and decided to go to the market later. But she took a good head of cabbage.

After that Mrs. Richards stopped at the grocer's counter to take a package of macaroni, and then went to the delicatessen counter to see what she could buy for supper. She took a piece of cheese and a piece of sausage. They were selling ham, too, but she decided not to take ham: there was too much fat on it.

On the way to the cash-desk Mrs. Richards stopped at the confectioner's counter to buy some candy and biscuits for tea. She also took a chocolate roll.

There were two or three people in front of Mrs. Richards at the cash-desk, and she had to wait a little. When her turn came, she paid for the foodstuffs she had bought and went home.

On the way home she called at a dairy-shop to buy a bottle of milk. She did not buy eggs, because her bag was full and she was afraid to break the eggs. She decided to go later for eggs and also to the baker's to buy a loaf of bread.

Ответьте на вопросы:

l. What did Mrs. Richards see when she looked into her refrigerator last Sunday?

2. What doesn't Mrs. Richards like?

3. What did Mrs. Richards do when she saw that her refrigerator was nearly empty?

4. What is the best place to do your shopping in?

5. Is there a supermarket near Mrs. Richards' house?

6. Are there self-service counters in supermarkets?

7. What is a self-service counter?

8. What is good about self-service counters?

9. Why does Mrs. Richards like to buy foodstuffs at self-service counters?

10. What did Mrs. Richards do when she came to the shop?

11. Where did she take the basket?

12. What counter did Mrs. Richards go to first?

13. Why did Mrs. Richards go to the butcher's counter?

14. What did she find at the butcher's counter?

15. What did Mrs. Richards buy at the butcher's department?

16. What did Mrs. Richards want to buy at the greengrocer's department? Did she buy everything she wanted there? What did she buy? What didn't she buy? Why?

17. What did Mrs. Richards buy at the grocer’s department?

18. Why did Mrs. Richards go to the delicatessen department? What did she buy there? What didn't she buy? Why?

19. What did Mrs. Richards buy at the confectioner’s department?

20. Why did Mrs. Richards have to wait at the cash- desk? Did she have to wait long?

21. What did she do when her turn came?

22. What shop did Mrs. Richards call at on the way home?

23. What did Mrs. Richards buy at the dairy? Why didn't she buy eggs?

24. What did she decide to do about eggs and bread?

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