Exercise 16. A) Skim through the article about The Moscow International Film Festival and

Count the number of its sections and their titles.

b) Scan the article to find information on the following aspects:

o the head of the first Jury;

o the year the festival became a regular event;

o the aim of the festival;

o the regular deadline month for entries;

o the languages of the dialogue list.

C) Open the brackets and use Participles I, II and Passive structures.


I. The role ... (to play) by a very famous actor.

The role is played by a very famous actor.

II. Theactor ... (playing/played) this role is very famous.

The actor playing this role is very famous.

The Moscow International Film Festival


Exercise 16. A) Skim through the article about The Moscow International Film Festival and - student2.ru The Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF) is one of the oldest in the world. For the first time it (1) ___________ (to hold) in 1935 and the Jury (2) ____________ (to head) by great Sergei Eisenstein himself. But the chronology of the festival began in 1959 when it became a regular event. Over the past decades the influence of the Moscow Festival on the world (3) _____________ (filmmaking / filmmade) process has grown significantly. Since 1963 prizes (4) _______ (to award) to outstanding masters of world cinema – Akira Kurosawa and Stanley Kramer, Federico Fellini and Ettore Scola, Andrzej Wajda and Francesco Rosi, Krzysztof Zanussi and Damiano Damiani, Gleb Panfilov and Sergei Gerasimov, Bernard Blier and Alexander Rogozhkin.

The festival has always mirrored the socio-political changes (5) ________ (taking / taken) place in Russia, Russian modern history has always aroused the interest of numerous guests from all over the world. MIFF (6) ___________ (to intend) not merely for professionals and journalists, but also for the wide audience. Today (7) ____________ (leading / led) foreign film corporations aim at staging premier screenings of movies in Moscow, (8) ________ (admitting / admitted) that Russia offers one of the most (9) _________ (promising / promised) viewing potentials in the world. The film market, which (10) __________ (to organize) as part of the MIFF, strengthens its positions and attracts a lot of interest on the part of the distributors.

Rules and Regulations

MIFF (11) _________ (to hold) annually in June and (12) __________ (to support) by the Russian Ministry of Culture.

The aim of the festival is to promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding among nations and to develop further cooperation among filmmakers of the world. In 1973 the Moscow International Film Festival (13) ____________ (to recognize) by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF).

Main Competition, Documentary Competition, Short films Competition, Non-competitive screening, Retrospective screening, Programme of Russian films (14) _____________ (to include) in the official programme. The films for the Festival programme (15) ___________ (to select) by the Festival Selection Committee. Entry applications should (16) ______________ (to do) via on-line system Withoutabox (www.withoutabox.com). The regular deadline month for entries is April. Official notification date is the day of Official Press Conference of the Festival.

The Festival programme includes films which (17) _____________ (not to screen, publicly) on the territory of the Russian Federation, (18) _______________ (excluding / excluded) Retrospectives and the Programme of Russian films. The film screening schedule (19) __________ (to determine) by the General Management of the MIFF. Each film may (20) ______________ (not to show) more than five times during the Festival, (21) _____________ (including / included) press screenings.


Only full-length feature films, (22) ____________ (producing / produced) the year prior to the festival or the current year, (23) ____________ (to accept) for the Competition programmes, except Short Films Competition. Preference in the Competition programmes (24) ___________ (to give) to the World and International premieres. Not less than 12 films (25) _____________ (to accept) for the Main Competition of the MIFF. To participate in the Main Competition programme of the Festival films must (26) ______________ (to submit) in standard 35 mm or DCP.

Not less than 7 films (27) ____________ (to allow) to participate in the Documentary Competition. Documentary Competition Films should (28) _________ (to exhibit) in format DCP or HDCam.

Short films, (29) __________ (producing / produced) the year prior to the festival or the current year with the duration of not more than 35 minutes, may (30) ____________ (to accept) for the Short Films Competition. Films of Short Films Competition (31) ___________ (to exhibit) in format DCP or HDCam.

Screening prints of the films (32) __________ (accepting / accepted) for the Festival Competition programmes should be in their original language and (33) __________________ (providing / provided) with English subtitles, if the original language is not English.

All conditions and (34) ___________ (suggesting / suggested) dates are obligatory, otherwise the Management of the MIFF has the right to exclude the film from the Festival programme.


Properly (35) ______________ (filling in / filled in) and (36) __________ (signing / signed) Entry-form for each film, (37) _____________ (confirming / confirmed) the participation in the MIFF, should arrive before Deadline.

Entry-form must (38) ___________ (to accompany) by the following documentation:

§ The dialogue list in the original language and in one of the (39) ________ (following / followed) languages: Russian, English;

§ The list of subtitles in English;

§ Synopsis, press and promotional materials;

§ Excerpts from the film and trailers on BETACAM SP or DVD;

§ Materials for the festival catalogue, (40) ___________ (including / included) a detailed biography and filmography of the director, the director’s photo as well as slides from the film.

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