Ex.2. Read the dialogue and discuss it


(Two friends, Martin and Barbara, are having lunch together in a restaurant)

Martin: Well, it’s been a long time, Barbara. What have you been doing?

Barbara: I’ve been pretty busy. You know, I went into business with my friend, Jean.

Martin: Oh, yes. How is it going?

Barbara: Pretty well. We get along quite well and the shop is beginning to attract more customers.

Martin:Good. Are you two a partnership?

Barbara: Yes. I’m very pleased about it. We seem to have the right combination. Jean’s background is in accounting. She’s the one who is good at keeping the books and ordering stock.

Martin: And you?

Barbara: Well, you know, I’ve always liked talking a lot. I guess I’m rather good with customers. I enjoy selling.

Martin: Sounds interesting. I guess it’s not too risky a business.

Barbara:We haven’t had any problems, although I suppose all business can be risky. Being partners, we’re both liable.

Martin: Did you both put the same amount of money into the business? Or do you mind my asking?

Barbara: To tell you the truth we didn’t invest the same amount of capital. But we’ve combined our resources very well, I think. It seems to be a good deal for both of us.

Martin: It sounds like it. That is one advantage of a general partnership. One partner can invest less capital than the other-in fact, no money at all-but a partner can contribute important services or skills, sometimes just a name or reputation.


Martin: What kind of arrangement do you have for distribution of profits and losses?

Barbara: They’re equally shared. We hope to be in business for a long time.

Martin: Good for you. You’ve really become very knowledgeable about business.

Barbara: Believe me, I’m still learning. The subject becomes quite technical.

Martin: But I’m glad to hear you’re doing so well. Next time you’ll take me to lunch.


1. partnership - партнерство

2. to get along well - ладить

3. to be pleased - быть довольным чем-то

4. to keep the books - вести бухгалтерский учет

5. to enjoy doing smth - получать удовольствие

6. background – подготовка, образование

7. stock - ассортимент товаров

8. be liable - нести ответственность

9. advantage - преимущество

10. skills - умения

11. distribution - распределение

12. they are equally shared - они делятся поровну

Ex. 3. Read and translate the text. Answer the questions.

Setting up a Small Business

Not long ago I decided to set up a small business. As I had no experience in business activities it was difficult for me to choose an appropriate business. So I went to the lawyer’s for consultation.

After clarifying all the details of my project and my financial possibilities he recommended me to set up a small business in field of services. According to the lawyer anyone who wants to set up a small business is to make sure that he/she is choosing one which will work and yield big profit. This requires a thorough investigation into the customers needs. So, the first step I had to take was to study my future customers’ needs and wants.

I knew there were many car owners in my neighborhood. Why not of open a car service station? - said I to myself, and god down to business. One of the difficulties I was faced with (I encountered) was lack of money, and I had to borrow it from the bank. The next day I made a loan of 2 mln pounds, and was on the seventh heaven because now I could put my project into practice.

Now, at the prime of my business life I still remember me lawyer’s words: when choosing a business weigh all pros and cons and ask yourself the questions: what kind of customers am I going to serve upon? How many potential customers are there in my district? How shall I attract customers? What products or services shall I offer?


1. to set up a small business – открыть малое предприятие

2. appropriate – надлежащий

3. lawyer – юрист, адвокат

4. to make sure – удостовериться;

5. to yield profits – приносить прибыль

6. thorough investigation into – тщательное изучение

7. to attract – привлекать

8. to be faced with (to encounter) – столкнуться с

9. loan - заём

10. to borrow – взять взаймы

11. in the prime of – в расцвете

12. to weigh all pros and cons – взвесить все «за» и «против»

13. district – район (города)

14. to choose – выбирать

Answer the questions:

1. What did you decide to do not long ago?

2. Where you experienced in business activities?

3. Whom did you decide to consult?

4. What did the lawyer recommend you to do?

5. What is it necessary for a would-be businessman to keep in mind /помнить, иметь ввиду/?

6. What difficulties did you encounter when starting your business?

7. Why were you “on the seventh heaven” when you solved your money problem?

8. What words of your lawyer do you still remember?

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