Read the text in which Bernard Levesque describes the organisation of MTS Paris

Read the text and translate in into Russian.

Company Organisation

A. There are a lot of kinds of companies in the world. They stand for different areas in business such as chemicals, insurance, retailing, engineering, transport, banking, etc. Most companies are made up of three groups of people: the shareholders (who provide the capital), the management and the workforce.. The management structure of a typical company is shown in this organisation chart.





At the top of company hierarchy is the Board of Directors, headed by the Chairperson or President. The Board is responsible for policy decision and strategy. It will usually appoint a Managing Directors or Chief Executive Officer, who has overall responsibility for the running of the business. Senior managers or company officers head the various departments or functions within the company, which may include the following.

a Marketing e Finance

b Public Relations f Production

c Information Technology or IT g Research and Development or R and D

d Personnel or Human Resources

B. Some words about the organizational structure of Rossomon. The Managing Director, that is Mr Bunce, is responsible for running the company and is accountable to the Board.

He is assisted by four executive departments. These are Human Resources, which is responsible for personnel, training and management development; then there is the Finance Department which takes care of corporate finance and accounting; next there is the Management Services Department, led by Peter Jenkins who is in charge of rationalisation throughout the company; and finally there is the R&D Department. – research and development – which works closely with the five regions on new product development.

The regions. Directly under the Managing Director, there are five Regional Managers. Each of them is responsible for the day-to-day management of a territory – these are geographically split into North, South, East, West and Central Regions.

The five regions are supported by two sections – Marketing and Technical Services. They are organised on a matrix basis with section leaders accountable to the Regional Managers. They work closely with the regions on the marketing and technical side.

In addition to the parent company , Rossomon has three subsidiaries, namely Rossomon France, Germany and Japan. The subsidiaries report to the Export Sales Department, which in turn is accountable to the Board.

Answer the questions (text A).

1. How do we call the person who heads the Board of Directors? 2. What is the Board responsible for? 3. Who does it usually appoint? 4. What is the function of CEO?

Retell the text (text A).

Draw the organisation chart of Rossomon Company (text B).

4. Can you say to whom the following people report?

Managing Directors

Regional Manager

Human Resources Manager

Rossomon France Manager

Answer the questions (text B).

1. Who runs the company? 2. Who assists Mr Bunce? 3. What department takes care of accounting? 4. What department works closely with the five regions on new product development?

Retell the text.

Text 2

Read the text in which Bernard Levesque describes the organisation of MTS Paris.

We’re a subsidiary of MTS Systems Corporation, an American firm based in Minneapolis. MTS employs roughly 2,200 people worldwide and is a leading supplier of mechanical testing and simulation equipment. Our major development and manufacturing operations are located in the US, France and Germany, and we have sales and service offices around the world.

Before I describe the organisation of my department, I’ll outline the structure from the top, starting with Werner Ongyert, our CEO, who oversees all aspects of our activities here. Just below him is it the General Manager, Jacques Mordelet, who is my immediate superior. Then there’s Sylviane Villaret, the Human Resources Director, and Genevieve Cornetti, the GM’s Secretary, who also report directly to him. We have a management team that includes myself, Dominique Faurieux, the Sales Manager, Jean-Francois Reinauld, the Finance Manager, and of course, Jacques Mordelet, who is also the Marketing Manager. There are also two new departments – Customer Service and NVD, the Noise and Vibration Division – headed by Louis Regnier and Patrick Dhommee respectively.

Now, getting back to the way my department is organised, I’m responsible for operations, so I’m in charge of Purchasing and Planning, R&D and Quality. The Purchasing and Planning Department schedules production based on orders provided by the sales team and forecasts from the Marketing Department. In R&D, there are three sub-departments – Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, and Software Engineering – which are involved in developing new products and modifying existing products to meet customer demands. They receive technical specifications from the Marketing Department and provide drawings, a parts list and assembly instructions. Nathalie Launay works closely with me on Quality – an area that takes up nearly a third of my time. And finally there’s the head of Shipping, as well as the person in charge of Assembly, who also report to me.

1. Read the first paragraph of the text about MTS Systems Corporation and name the following:

· Headquarters of the company;

· Number of employees;

· The company specializes in …;

· Factories are located in … .

2. Can you match the jobs and departments with their Russian equivalents?

1) Board of Directors a. отдел маркетинга

2) Chairman b. директор-распорядитель

3) Managing Director c. коммерческий директор

4) PR (Public Relations) Officer d. бухгалтерия

5) Chief Accountant e. плановый отдел

6) Sales Mngr. f. председатель

7) Sales Department g. сотрудник по связям с

8) Finance Dpt. общественностью

9) Accounts/ Accounting Dpt. h. главный бухгалтер

10) Advertising Dpt. i. отдел сбыта, коммерческий отдел

11) Training Dpt. j. совет директоров

12) Plaining Dpt. k. отдел исследований и развития

13) Marketing Dpt. l. финансовый отдел

14) R&D/ Research & m. отдел рекламы

Develipment Dpt. n. отдел обучения и подготовки кадров

15) Administration Dpt. o. отдел снабжения

16) Distribution Dpt. p. производственный отдел

17)Packaging Dpt. q.отдел кадров

18) Production Dpt. r. отдел упаковки товара

19) Purchasing Dpt. s. отдел административного управления

20) Personnel Dpt. t. отдел распространения продукции

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