Exercise 3. Make up Conditional sentences

1. The travellers had no camera with them, so they could not take photos of the beautiful scenery. If ... . 2. There was no sugar left, so we had to go to the shop late in the evening. If ... . 3. This house is very nice and comfortable, but it is not very good for living because it is situated close to a chemical plant and the air around is very bad. If ... . 4. He is an excellent specialist, but I can't ask his advice because I'm not acquainted with him. If ... . 5. You cannot enjoy this merry evening party because you have a toothache. If ... 6. You know the material well enough, but you are very absent-minded, and that's why you always make many mistakes. If ... . 7. You did not ring me up, so I did not know you were in trouble. If .. . 8. You left the child alone in the room, so he hurt himself. If ... . 9. They spent a year in the tropics, so they got very sun-tanned. If ... . 10. It rained heavily, so we got drenched to the skin. If ... . 11. Why didn't you watch the cat? It ate all the fish. If ... . 12. A huge black cloud appeared from behind the forest, so we had to turn back and hurry home. If ... . 13. We shall not go to see them because it is very late. If ... . 14. Naturally she was angry, because you were in her way. If ... .

Exercise 4. Write down each sentence three times, forming Conditional Sentences I, II, III.

E.g. If you (to be) free, I (to come) to see you.

If you are free, I will come to see you.

If you were free, I would come to see you.

If you had been free, I would have come to see you.

If I (to see) her, I (to be) glad.

If I see her, I will be glad.

If I saw her, I would be glad.

If I had seen her, I would have been glad.

If my friend (to come) to see me, I (to be) very glad. 2. If mother (to buy) a cake, we (to have) a very nice tea party. 3. If we (to receive) a telegram from him, we (not to worry). 4. If you (not to work) systematically, you (to fail) the examinations. 5. If you (to be) busy, I (to leave) you alone. 6. If I (to live) in Moscow, I (to visit) the Tretyakov Gallery every year. 7. If I (to get) a ticket, I (to go) to the Philharmonic. 8. If I (to live) near a wood, I (to gather) a lot of mushrooms. 9. If my father (to return) early, we (to watch) TV together. 10. If she (to know) English, she (to try) to enter the university.

Exercise 5. Complete the sentences, putting the verbs in brackets into the correct form:

1. If you (to be) free, I (to come) to see you.
2. If I (to see) her, I (to be) glad.
3. If you (to be) busy, I (to leave) you alone.
4. If I (to live) in Moscow, I (to visit) the Tretyakov Gallery every year.
5. If she (to know) English, she (to try) to enter the university.
6. If mother (to buy) a cake, we (to have) a very nice tea part

Exercise 6. Match the parts of the sentences:

If I had learned English before, I would have joined you.
If Jim had driven the car yesterday, you would have passed the exam well.
If you had studied properly, I could have found a good job long ago.
If I had been free yesterday, he might have met with an accident.

If I had accepted that job, I would be a millionaire now.
If I had married him, I would have invited them to lunch.
If I were a good cook, I would live happy now.
If I didn't love him, I wouldn't have married him.

Exercise 7. Fill in the gaps the necessary verbs. Don’t forget to usePresent and Past Conditional as well.

1. If he (can/go) … anywhere in this world, he (choose) … Paris to see the Eiffel Tour.

2. If Greg exercised more, he (be) … much more fit and handsome and he (have/not) … so many health problems.

3. If Kate (miss/not) the train, she would have been here earlier.

4. My trip to Alaska was only three days. If the trip (be) … a little bit longer, I (visit) … my friends in Juneau.

5. It’s so bad Peter isn’t with us. He (can/translate) … the letter for us if he (be) … here.

6. I want to thank you for helping me with my homework. If you hadn’t helped me, I (fail) … the test.

7. If Tom (have) … enough money in his twenties, he (backpack) … around the world. But, as many others, he was broke.

8. Sally was hurrying for interview. If she (arrive) … too late, she (might/not/get) this job.

9. It’s a surprise! Even if I (know) … what jack bought you as a present, I (tell/not) … you.

10. Sorry, I didn’t know about your birthday. If I (know) …, I (bring) … a present.

2nd Intermediate Test –Paper

1. If the child wants, ____ him this toy!
will buy

2. We ____ about it for sure, when we ____ home.
will know … will return
know … will return
will know … return

3. I need to think the matter over, in case he ____.
will refuse

4. Do your best or else you ____ with the group.
won’t catch up
don’t catch up

5. Mary ____ to us, unless Jack ____ .
doesn’t speak … will leave
won’t speak … leaves
doesn’t speak … leaves

6. If they ____ a taxi, they ____ the train.
take ... won’t miss
will take ... don’t miss
will take ... won’t miss

7. ____ the children listen to me, when they ____?
do ... will grow up
will ... grow up
will ... will grow up

8. If she ____ in time, we ____ late for the concert.
Won’t come … are
Doesn’t come … will be
Won’t come … will be

9. Why don’t you ask her, when she ____ ?
will come

10. I’m sure we ____ back before it ____ dark .
are … gets
will be … will get
will be … gets

11. I ____ the report today, if you ____ interrupting me.
finish … will stop
will finish … stop
will finish … will stop

12. We ____ our lesson, when you ____ your seats.
will start … take
start … will take
will start … will take

13. Should we wait here until they ____ us?
will call

14. I ____ you when I ____ ready.
will tell … will be
tell … will be
will tell … am

15. Let’s do the flat before our parents ____.
will return

16. When the right time ____, I ____ you our family secret.
will come … will open
comes … will open
will come … will open

17. She said that if he ____ the TV set, she ____ it out of the window at once.
wouldn’t turn off … would throw
didn’t turn off … would throw
wouldn’t turn off … would throw

18. I asked him what ____, when they ____ the truth.
would happen … found out
would happen … would find out
happened … would find out.

19. When the weather ____ fine, ____ all the windows. The child needs fresh air.
will be … will open
will be … open
is … open

20. f I _____ more money, I _____ to England to practice my English.
had … will go
had … would go
had … went

21. If you _____ more attentive, you _____ so many mistakes in every test.
are … wouldn`t make
were … didn`t make
were … wouldn`t make

22. What _____ you do if he _____ your son?
will … is
will … was
would … were
would … was

23. If he _____ the exam, what _____ his mother say?
doesn’t pass… would
didn’t pass … will
didn’t pass … would

24. Where _____ you fly, if you _____ a bird?
will … turn into
would … turned into
would … turn into

25. If they _____ here, they _____ give us some valuable advice.
were … will
were … can
were … could

26. You _____ win, if you _____ so much.
may… didn’t drink
might … don’t drink
might … didn’t drink

27. _____ it Sunday, we _____ fishing.
Were … would go
Was … will go
Were … will go

28. Who _____ this work, if she suddenly _____ ill?
did … would fall
will do … fell
would do … fell

29. If the workers _____ their salaries, what _____ ?
don`t get … would happen
didn`t get … would happen
didn`t get … will happen

30. We _____ glad, if only they _____ our offer.
should be … accept
should be … accepted
shall be … accepted

31. If I ever _____ her a lie, she _____ forgive me.
tell … wouldn`t
told … won’t
told … wouldn`t

32. I _____ much safer, If you _____ the light at night.
shall feel … didn`t turn off
should feel … don`t turn off
should feel … didn`t turn off

33. The girl _____ this dress, if it _____ a bit cheaper.
would buy … cost
will buy … cost
would buy … costed

34. How _____ we live, if a war _____.
will … broke out
would … broke out
would … breaks out.

35. _____ the children well-bred, they _____ in the presence of their teacher.
Are … wouldn’t shout
Were … won’t shout
Were … wouldn’t shout

36. If it _____ summer, we _____ so happy.
were … would be
was … was
were … were
would be … would be

37. _____ you lend me 2000$, if I _____ you?
Would … ask
Would … asked
Did … asked

38. _____ you mind opening the window?

39. What _____ you be doing now, if you _____ your watch?
Will … lose
Would … lost
Will … lost

40. If I had known you were in hospital, I _____ you.
would visit
would visited
would have visited

41. But for such bad weather we _____ fishing.
would have gone
would go

42. Would you _____ to London, if you _____ _____ enough money then?
travel … had had
travelled … would have had
have travelled … had had

43. If you hadn’t sneezed he _____ we _____ there.
would haven’t known … were
wouldn’t have known … had been
wouldn’t have known … were

44. If father _____ yesterday he _____ much better today.
didn`t drink … would feel
would haven’t drunk … felt
hadn`t drunk … would feel
hadn`t drunk … would have felt

45. he _____ cleverer he _____ a better mark.
had been … would get
were … would have got

46. We _____ if _____ properly.
might have won … had prepared
would may have won … had prepared
may have won … prepared

47. _____ we listened to your parents, we _____ into trouble.
Would … didn`t get
Had … wouldn`t have got
Did … wouldn`t have got

48. She _____ to work, but for the sick child.
would go
had gone
would have gone

49. I _____ very happy now, _____ in the lottery last time.
were … had I won
would be … had I won
would have been … had I won

50. The child _____ punished if he _____ the truth.
wouldn’t be … had told
weren’t … would have told
wouldn’t have been … had told

51. I _____ it if I _____ it with my own eyes.
shouldn\'t believe … hadn\'t seen
shouldn’t have believed … hadn\'t seen
had believed … shouldn’t have seen

52. _____ I good at dances, I _____ her to dance with me already.
were … would have invited
had been … would have invited
would be … would have invited

53. She _____ him, if she _____ his mother.
would haven’t forgiven … weren’t
wouldn’t have forgiven … hadn\'t been
wouldn’t have forgiven … weren’t

54. Mike _____ his best to save the situation, if he _____ there, but he was on business.
would do … was
would have done … had been
did … had been
would have done … were

55. If I _____ who was invited, I never _____.
had known … would have come
had known … wouldn’t have come
knew … would have come

56. If he _____ tickets yesterday, he _____ on the beach now.
bought … would be lying
had bought … would be lying
had bought … would have lain

57. I _____ this article long ago if I _____ English well.
would translate … had known
would have translated … had known
would have translated … knew

58. If you _____ into account his behavior then, you _____ in much trouble now.
took … would haven't been
had taken … wouldn't have been
would have taken … wouldn't be
had taken … wouldn't be

59. You _____ a star now, if you _____ the part in that film then.
would be … had been offered
would have been … were offered
would have been … had been offered

60. If my grandfather were younger, he _________ so many things.
would not forget
did not forget

61. If _______ the money, he would by a fast car.
he have
he had

62. If she had an umbrella, she _________ wet.
would not get
did not get

63. If we ________ a car, we would get there in 30 minutes.
would have

64. Jane likes living in a city. ________ happy if she lived in the country.
She would not be
She will not be

65. If I _________ more money, I would buy a new car.
would have

66. If he changed jobs, he ________ much happier.
will be
would be

67. If I wanted to learn Italian, _______ to Italy.
I will go
I would go

68. If it was not raining, we ________ to the beach.
would go
will go

69. I have not told Ann what happened. She would be angry if _______.
she knew
she would knew

70. If _______ a map, I could show you where I live.
we have
we had

71. I ________ more careful if I were you.
would be

72. What would you do if _______ a lot of money?
you won

73. It is not a very good hotel. _______ there if I were you.
I will not stay
I would not stay

74. If animals could talk, I wonder what they ________?
would say

75. If _______ nearer to London, we would go there more often.
we lived
we live

76. If she ________ harder, she would make more money.
will work

77. It is a pity you have to go now. _______ nice if you had more time.
It will be
It would be

78. I am not going to take the job. I would take it if _______ better.
the salary was
a salary were

79. You would not feel so tired if you ________ more.
will sleep

80. Hardly _____ asleep _____ an alarm clock _____.
have I gone, than, will ring
had I gone, when, rang
I had gone, then, had rung
was I going, as, was ringing

81. I am going to have my kitchen _____. It is necessary that every crack _____ covered.
to repair, will be
to be repaired, is
repaired, should be
being repaired, be

82. The miles appeared _____ so long that the tourists sometimes thought they _____ the road.
being, had to miss
to have been, must miss
to be, must have missed
having been, were to miss

83. I managed to come here at half past six. But I _____ because they _____.
needn’t have hurried, had already left
needn’t hurry, have already left
wouldn’t have hurried, had already left
shouldn’t hurry, have already left

84. If you _____ the prescribed medicine, you _____ _____ now.
took, would feel, much more well
had taken, would feel, much better
would take, would feel yourself, much better

85. I don't feel like _____ this article today.
to read and translate
for reading and translating
read and translate
reading and translating

86. _____ rich pay higher taxes?
does the
do the

87. Would you mind _____, please?
to open the window
open the window
opening the window
to the window opening

88. We are all looking forward _____ your friends.
to seeing
to see
for seeing
of seeing

89. You _____ your seats beforehand if you want to go to Paris on Christmas.
had better to book
had better book
had to better book
had to book better

90. When the weather gets warmer, we’ll______ the chairs _______ and have tea in the garden.

take …. away

take … aback

take… down


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