Exercise 5. Rewrite the following phrases according to the example

a factory which produces automobiles – an automobile factory

a man who drives a bus – a bus driver

a machine that washes dishes – a dishwasher

paper for writing letters – writing paper

1. a shop that sells books

2. an editor of a newspaper

3. a person who pays taxes

4. a brush for shoes

5. cake made with raisin

6. a garage for cars

7. a company which provides insurance

8. a bag made of leather

9. a tool for sharpening pencils

10. a book which has cheques

11. a machine for washing clothes

12. a license to drive a car

13. a person who dresses and cuts hair

14. an office that sells tickets

15. a device for opening tins

Exercise 6.

A. Make up compound structures according to the example.

a child who is five years old – a five year old child

1. a man whose weight is six feet

2. a walk which covers three miles

3. a programme which lasts half an hour

4. a flight which takes two hours and a half

5. a hotel having four stars

6. a lorry which can carry 5 tonnes

7. a field of fifty acres

B. Paraphrase the sentence according to the example.

She’s got a flat of two rooms. – She’s got a two-room flat.

1. He covered a distance of two miles.

2. Her holiday in California lasted 10 days.

3. They decided to take an interval of three hours.

4. She lives in a building that has sixteen storeys.

5. His call to Paris lasted five minutes.

6. While I was on holidays I met two charming girls of twenty years old.

7. He saw a film of two series yesterday.

8. She bought two bags of potatoes that weigh five kilos.

9. He gave us a banknote of fifty dollars to change.

10. I wrote a composition which covered twenty pages.

Exercise 7. What do we call these things and people? Use the structure noun + noun.

1. a ticket for a concert is a concert ticket

2. a magazine about computers is ___________

3. pictures taken on your vacation are your ____________

4. chocolate made with milk is _____________

5. somebody whose job is to inspect factories is ____________

6. a lawyer from Vacouver is ___________

7. the results of your exams are your _____________

8. a race for horses is _____________

9. a horse that runs in races is ____________

10. the carpet in the dining room is ______________

11. a scandal involving an oil company is ______________

12. a question that has two parts is ____________

13. a girl who is seven years old is ____________

14. a building with five stories is _____________

Exercise 8. Complete the sentences using one of the following:

15 minute(s) five day(s) two hour(s) ten page(s)
60 minute(s) five course(s) 20 dollar(s) 500 year(s)
six mile(s) two year(s) six mile(s) 450 page(s)

Sometimes you need the singular (day, page, etc.) and sometimes the plural (days, pages, etc.).

1. It’s a very long book. There are 450 pages.

2. A few days ago I received a ten-page letter from Julia.

3. I didn’t have any change. I only had a __________ bill.

4. At work I usually have a ___________ coffee break in the morning.

5. There are ____________ in an hour.

6. It’s only a ____________ flight from London to Madrid.

7. It was a big meal. There were ____________.

8. Mary has just started a new job. She has a ___________ contract.

9. The oldest building in the city is the ______________-old castle.

10. I work ________________ a week. I’m off on Saturday and Sunday.

11. We went for a ____________ walk in the country.

12. We went for a long walk in the country. We walked __________.

Exercise 9. Cover the compounds below and read the meanings. Do you know the compounds, or can you guess them?

an official document that shows you are qualified to drive driving license
an official document showing when and where you were born birth certificate
a part for a car or machine to replace an old or broken part spare part
a person walking past a place by chance passer-by
a short holiday from Friday to Sunday, or Saturday to Monday long weekend
the number of years that a person is likely to live life expectancy
a path or route that is quicker than the normal way short cut / shortcut
clothes that you wear to a party to make you appear a different character fancy dress
a short and usually very old song or poem for young children nursery rhyme
a machine into which you put money in the hope of winning more back fruit/ slot machine
your closest living relative (often used on official documents) next of kin

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