Exercise 16.Complete with a verb from the list in Present Perfect Continuous

Watch, cry, play, work, do

  1. Your eyes are red. _______you _________?

– Yes. I __________________a sad film.

  1. You look tired. What _________you __________?

– I ______________in the garden with the children.

  1. Your partner and you look like old friends.

– Yes. We ______________ together for pretty long.

Exercise 17.Fill in the gaps using Present Perfect Continuous.

1. Come in! We .............. (speak) about you.

2. How long you........... (sit) here?

3. It ........... (rain) since morning, and we cannot go out.

4. She............... (design) sets since 1998.

5. She................ (wait) for us for a long time.

6. They.......... (watch) me all the time. I don’t like it.

7. What you.............. (do) since I last saw you?

8. He........... (work) as a stuntman since he left school.

Exercise 18. Translate into English using Present Perfect Continuous.

1. Мой дядя пишет стихи с детства.

2. Мой папа работает художником-оформителем с 1998 года.

3. Мы изучаем английский язык не с 2012 года. Мы его уже гораздо дольше учим.

4. Они уже несколько лет занимаются компьютерной анимацией.

5. Он учит монолог Гамлета уже два дня.

6. Она не 20 минут разговаривает по телефону. Она болтает уже минут 40.

7. Директор картины с утра составляет график съёмок.

8. Они с трех часов пытаются рассчитать смету.

9. Они репетируют эту сцену уже полтора часа.

10. Мы арендуем этот павильон не с четверга. Мы арендуем его с пятницы.

11. Всё это время спор вращается вокруг финансовых вопросов.



Exercise19.In pairs ask and answer questions based on the following cues, using the

Example as a model.

Example: Computer / interesting / learn to program in BASIC

A: How has your computer class been going? What have you been doing in it?

B: It’s an interesting class. Over the last few days we’ve been learning to program in BASIC.

1. psychology / gripping / do experiments with rats

2. economics / confusing / study World Bank policies

3. German / hard / memorize irregular verbs

4. physics / interesting / study sound signals

5. film history / enjoyable / watch silent films

6. statistics / boring / calculate probabilities

7. art history / informative / read about the Renaissanceartists

8. scenic speech / fascinating / learn tongue-twisters

Exercise 20.In pairs, take turns asking questions and responding to them. Using the

following cues and the example as a model, form questions with how long ... ?

and answers with for or since. You can give long or short answers.

Example: work on that report / early this morning

A: You look tired! How long have you been working on that report?

B: Too long! I’ve been working on it since early this morning.

1. study / 6:30 A.M.

2. do research for that term paper / three days

3. do homework / midnight

4. practiseyour presentation / early this morning

5. memorize German verbs / more than two hours

6. type that report / late last night

7. calculate those statistics / dinnertime

8. review English grammar / over six hours!

Exercise21. Mill around finding out how long your groupmates have been learning

English. Use the following pattern:

A: How long / you / learn English?

B: For … years on and off. But I’m afraid my English is still not very good.

A: Your English is wonderful! You speak English very well.

B: Thank you for the compliment.

A: It’s not a compliment. I mean it.

Exercise 22. In pairs. Take turns asking questions and responding to them. Form logical

questions using How long... ?

Example: A: You’re still at university!

How long have you been working on your degree?

B: I’ve been working on my BA for about three years now.

1. A: I didn’t know you were a jogger. ______________

B: Well, I’ve been running for about three years. I run two miles every day.

2. A: You’re still using that camera! _______________

B: For a couple of years now, and I’m quite happy with it.

3. A: It’s still raining! What a shame. I’ve come to Boston, and the weather is terrible._______

B: A long time.

5. A: Did you know that Alfonso is an expert in karate? He has his black belt.

B: You’re kidding! I would’ve never guessed. ________________

6. A: Did you know that I’m writing a book? I’m almost finished with it.

B: Really? That’s great! _______________

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