Ex. 7. Choose the appropriate word

1. There is a … lake in the forest. We were … touched by their invitation. (deep, deeply) 2. He managed the task …. Matt did … work. (good, well) 3. The boxer was hit very …. We … know what to do next. (hard, hardly) 4. We are sisters & we are … to each other. The inspector examined the papers …. (close, closely) 5. Such equipment is … used in all clinics. This shop has a … choice of goods. (wide, widely) 6. My mother lives quite … me. Hurry up, it’s … midnight. (near, nearly) 7. Will you come home … today? Have you bought anything new …? (late, lately) 8. – The dress is … decorated with ribbons. – Yes, & it is … expensive. (pretty, prettily) 9. The prisoner tried … to escape, but failed. Mel has … recovered from the shock. (hard, hardly) 10. Do you feel … today? I feel …about my latest progress. (good, well) 11. She was … hurt & was taken to hospital. It certainly was … news to her family. (bad, badly) 12. She lives quite (near, nearly). 13. You’ve come too (late, lately). 14. The mechanic examined the damaged car (closely, close). 15. It is (pretty, prettily) difficult to speak to her. 16. We have seen very little of you (late, lately). 17. She is always (pretty, prettily) dressed. 18. He (near, nearly) seized the rail. 19. I used to work (hard, hardly) to get everything I’ve got now. 20. His suggestion seemed (high, highly) improbable to us. 21. Her house stood (closely, close) to the river. 22. The wind was blowing so (hard, hardly) that I could (hard, hardly) walk. 23. The actress (justly, just) deserved the prize. 24. The plane flew (highly, high), we could (hard, hardly) see it. 25. (Shortly, Short) after graduating I moved to the capital. 26. I could see the house door which was (wide, widely) open. 27. In spite of the coming danger he remained (calm, calmly). 28. Though the dish smelt (good, well), he refused to eat saying he was not hungry. 29. She looked at me (angry, angrily) & told me to leave the room. 30. She spends a lot of money on her clothes but they always look (cheap, cheaply). 31. Have you seen him? – Yes, he looks (well, good) but he says he feels (bad, badly). 32. His cough sounds (terrible, terribly). He should see a doctor. 33. Be (quiet, quietly). Stop talking, behave yourself. 34. The situation looks (bad, badly). We must do something. 35. He seemed to me a bit (strange, strangely) today. 36. The fish tastes (awful, awfully). I won’t eat it. 37. He looked (good, well) in his new suit. 38. This music is too (loud, loudly). We can’t talk. 39. She played (bad, badly) & she lost the game. 40. We waited (patient, patiently) for the letter but it never came. 41. She asks (intelligent, intelligently) questions. 42. The children are playing together very (nice, nicely) today. 43. She is a very (warm, warmly) person & everyone likes her. 44. She surprised me when she opened the door (sudden, suddenly). 45. Your English is very (good, well). 46. It is (dangerous, dangerously) to swim in the sea here. 47. Their house is very …, they visit us … every week. (near, nearly) 48. I had … taken 3 steps when I saw a man.(hard, hardly) 49. It was a large snake … 8 feet in length. (near, nearly) 50. He was … in need of money now.(bad, badly) 51. “Jane,” said the teacher, “you are … again. You’ve been … for almost every class this term.” (late, lately) 52. We haven’t seen them at the library …. (late, lately) 53. She tried … to be on time, but thee were always a lot of things to do before school. (hard, hardly) 54. Don’t sit so … to the TV screen, it’s bad for your eyes. (close, closely) 55. The inspector asked to look at the photo more …. (close, closely) 56. It’s too … you can’t remember their address. (bad, badly) 57. No matter how … she tried, all was in vain. (hard, hardly) 58. They chatted a few minutes about the races that were … to be run.(short, shortly) 59. Very soon it was known all over Apia that they got on …. (bad, badly)

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