Define the less and the most important skills of a manager

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Define the less and the most important skills of a manager -

Unit Three


Define the less and the most important skills of a manager -

1. What do you think marketing is? Try to define it with your own words.

2. Now “put” the words connected with the term marketing in the case:

Define the less and the most important skills of a manager -

3. Read and write down the new words in your dictionary:

marketing маркетинг
market рынок
stock market фондовая биржа
share акция
stock trading продажа акций
pricing политика ценообразования
grocery market продуктовый магазин
to purchase покупать
sale продажа, сбыт
demand спрос
consumer потребитель, заказчик, покупатель, клиент
goods товар, товары
quality качество
reliability надежность
life circle срок годности
to compete конкурировать, соперничать
rival конкурирующий
promotion продвижение
sales promotion стимулирование продаж
advertising реклама, рекламирование
distribution распространение
storage хранение
grading сортировка
target market рынок сбыта, потенциальный круг покупателей
customer заказчик, клиент, постоянный покупатель
place utility польза в месте спроса
raw materials материалы-полуфабрикаты; товары в виде необработанного сырья
barge баржа
cost цена
quantity количество
bulk freight массовый груз
refrigeration замораживание, охлаждение
packaging упаковка
label ярлык, этикетка; фабричная метка
publicity публичность, гласность; действия, направленные на привлечение внимания
to involve вовлекать
total product совокупный продукт
cost-effective channel рентабельный канал
to persuade убеждать

4. Translate into Russian:publicity, packaging, rival, pricing, to purchase, cost,

grocery market, bulk freight, storage, quantity, goods, stock market, cost-effective channels, promotion, grading, customer, consumer, label, consumers’ demand, to compete, refrigeration, barge, stock trading, distribution, advertising, sales promotion, share, market.

5. Translate into English:материалы-полуфабрикаты, рынок сбыта,

потребительский спрос,фондовая биржа, конкурировать, ценообразование, совокупный продукт, реклама, вовлекать, стимулирование продаж, постоянный покупатель, баржа, фабричная метка, срок годности, конкурирующий, надежность.

6. Solve a cross-word puzzle: Define the less and the most important skills of a manager -

6. Read the following text and do the tasks after it:


Marketing is one of the areas of management. The term market and marketing can have several meanings depending upon how they are used. The term stock market refers to the buying and selling of shares in corporations as well as other activities related to the stock trading and pricing. Another type of market is a grocery market, which is a place where people purchase food. When economists use the word market they mean a set of forces or conditions that determine the price of a product, such as supply available for sale and the demand for it by consumers. The term marketing in business includes all of these meanings, and more.

A product is not just an assembled set of components: it is something customers buy to satisfy a need they feel they have. The image and the design of a product are as important as its specification. Products are goods or services that you are marketing. It includes its design, quality, reliability and has a life circle.

The product must be priced so that it competes effectively with rival products in the same market.

Selling the product would be accomplished by sales promotion, which included advertising and personal selling. In addition to sales promotion marketing also involved the physical distribution of the product to the places where it was actually sold. Distribution consisted of transportation, storage, and related services such financing, standardization and grading, and the related risks.

Marketing is a business task which is served for:

-finding new attractive target markets;

-creating goods and services for consumers;

-creating effective programs of communication and spending goods trying to do more sales and to satisfy consumers.

Instead of concentrating solely on production, the company must consider the desires of the consumer, and this is much more difficult since it involves human behavior. Production, on the other hand, is mostly an engineering problem. Thus, demand and market forces are still an important aspect of modern marketing, but they are considered prior to the production process.

So, the most important tasks of marketing are:

- Define the less and the most important skills of a manager - to identify

-to keep the customer

-to satisfy

Goods must be at the place where the customer needs them or brought there. This is known as place utility; it adds value to the product. Many markets are separated from the place of production, which means that often both raw materials and finished products must be transported to the points where they are needed. Raw materials requiring little or no special treatment can be transported by rail, ship, or barge at low cost. Large quantities of raw materials travel as bulk freight, but finished products that often require special treatment, such as refrigeration or careful handling, are usually transported by truck. Merchandise freight is a term for the transportation of manufactured goods.

The product is presented to customers through advertising (TV commercials, posters), packaging (design, labels), publicity, PR and total selling. The promotion of a product involves considering it as a “Total Product”. The brand name, presentation, labeling, packaging, instructions, reliability and after-service are all parts of the total product. Your product must be available to customers trough the most cost-effective channels of distribution.

In general we can come to conclusion that marketing is a realization of programs, promotion, advertisement and a million of other things which is really persuading people buy the products.

Define the less and the most important skills of a manager - 7.1.

Define the less and the most important skills of a manager -

1. What is “marketing”? 2. What is “a product”? 3. What is “price”? 4. What is “promotion”?

7.2. Choose the correct word from the box to complete the passage:

controls copy-writer trade-magazines marketing trade advertisements media commerce promotion copy

(1)______ and (2) ______ involve letting potential customers know about a new product both before it is made and after it becomes available for sale. (3) ______ in the local and national press and (4) ______ in areas where there is likely to be a good market are among the ways in which this is done. The advertising (5) ______, usually provided by a specialist (6) ______. “News” items leaked to (7) ______ are also important. (8) ______ Associations and Chambers of (9) ______ can provide advice about the size of markets, their location.

7.3. Read the text from Ex.2 with the words filled in and answer the following questions:

1. What do marketing and promotion involve? 2. Who provides the advertising copies? 3. What information can you get from the Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce?

7.4. Find the sentences from the text which have the same meaning or express the same general idea as the sentences below:

1. The grocery market is the location where the buying and selling of food takes place.

2. Marketing used to be the job of thinking about how to sell the product.

3. Modern marketing includes many activities, but it is based on a different concept.

7.5. Match the words with their definitions:

1. Promotion a) demand
2. Market forces b) supply and demand
3. Stock exchange c) customers
4. Concept d) methods to increase sales, like advertising
5. Consumption e) notion
6. Consumers f) purchase
7. Desire g) place to buy and sell shares of corporations

7.6. Choose the right variant to complete the sentences:

1. The word market can have several meanings. A person who wants to buy food uses this word to indicate …

a) standardization and grading. b) a place where groceries are for sale.
c) sales prices. d) supply and demand.

2. Modern marketing aims to satisfy the wants of the consumer. Marketing personnel should consider first of all …

a) how to advertise the product . b) what products the customer desires.
c) how to distribute the product. d) engineering problems.

3. Marketing is an important consideration for …

a) the consumer. b) the distributor.
c) all aspects of production. d) the salesman.

4. Demand and market forces are considered prior to production. Before designing and producing the product, companies consider …

a) the supply of consumers. b) the desire by consumers to purchase a product.
c) distribution to consumers. d) all the marketing activities.

  Define the less and the most important skills of a manager -

8. Define the less and the most important skills of a manager -

Market Research – the gathering of factual information as to customer preferences for goods and services.

Market Research

Market research means studying places or ways in which a company can sell its products or services, what customers and prospects need or want from a company and its products. People, who do market research, usually record about many companies which do not use their company’s products. They get the names of these companies from the salespeople. Also they do a lot of research with customers. They try to find out how customers like the products they have and what the company can do to make the things better. If the company is planning to make a new product or to change a product it is already selling, the market researchers ask customers a lot of questions. The answers are studied to try to improve the company’s product or services.

One way to get answers is to use a document called a questionnaire. It is a document with questions written or printed on it. Usually it has a number of questions, sometimes even two or more pages full of questions.

People who fill out- or answer- questionnaires are called respondents. Respondents usually write answers right on the questionnaire forms. Many times they can answer questions by making an “X” in spaces on the questionnaires. When many people answer the same questions in this way, it is possible for the market research staff to compare the answers of all the responders if they give the same answer to a question this tells the market research staff that customers agree on what they want. Companies try to design their products to give most customers and prospects what they want.

The market research staff also gets information by using surveysand interviews which are done by talking to respondents. The market researcher leads the respondent in answering questions or in giving information that is needed. In surveys and interviews, the people who respond to questions are also called subjects.

What is the difference between surveys and interviews? In conducting a survey, market researchers staff ask just a few questions of many subjects. Surveys can be done on the telephone; the survey takers can visit people at their homes. Many market research surveys are taken at railroad stations or airports.

Interviews usually take longer than surveys. The interviewer is trying to find out about the attitudes and preferences of the subject.

An important part of market researcher’s job is to find out as mush as possible about competitive products. Competitive products are items made by different companies. Pricing is important in competition. In order to get the competitive information companies may use advertising media. The information is collected and compared. Sometimes it is useful to do surveys and interviews to find out about competitive products.

8.1. Answer the questions to the text:

1. What is the meaning of market research? 2. What is a questionnaire? 3. Who is a respondent? 4. What is a survey? 5. What is an interview? 6. What are the differences between surveys and interviews? 7. What are competitors? 8. What do you think about the reasons of buying products?

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