Fill in the blanks with words from the text

1)Governments in a democracy do not... the fundamen­
tal freedoms.

2) Governments are created to ... those freedoms.

3) Neither society nor government can ... or ... them.

4) The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution ...
the Congress from passing any law interfering with free­

5) To debate and vote, to assemble and protest, to wor­
ship, to ensure justice ... upon the unrestricted flow of speech
and information.

6) The democratic state ... that a person's religious faith
is a profoundly personal matter.

7) Democracies ... upon the principle that government
exists to serve the people.

8) While the state protects the right of its citizens, ... ,
the citizens give the state their loyalty.

9) Democracy ... cooperation, compromise and tolerance
among all citizens.

10) Democracy ... ideas of freedom and self-expression.

5. Find the statements which are not true tothe text.

1) The fundamental freedoms are granted and protected
by governments.

2) Every individual possesses these freedoms by virtue
of his or her existence.

Part I

Political science

3) Fill in the blanks with words from the text - The US Constitution gives the fundamental freedoms
to the people.

4) Freedom of speech is closely liked to the right to
gather, protest and demand change.

5) Democratic governments have no right to regulate
the time and place of political rallies.

6) The people do not exist to serve the government in a
democratic state.

7) Rights, like individuals, do not function in isolation.

8) Democratic government is elected by and accountable
to its citizens.

9) Democracy is a process, a way of living and working

10) Democracy is more static than evolutionary.

Translate the following sentences in writing pay­ing attention to underlined words and emphatic construc­tions.

1)Since they exist independently of Government, these
rights cannot be legislated away, nor are they subject to
the momentary whim of an electoral majority.

2) The idea of justice has been playing a part in religion
and philosophy since high antiquity.

3) Since the beginning of the century the American
theatre has been experimenting with new forms and styles
of production.

4) It is a difficult matter to argue with the belly since it
has no ear.

5) Nor is it the matter of money.

6) The greater the volume of such exchanges, the better.

7) Everyone has to learn certain things, the younger,
the easier.

8) The greater the risk, the greater the fun.

9) It is to enhance their rights that citizens in a demo­
cracy undertake their civic obligations and responsibili­

Fill in the blanks with words from the text - Учебное пособие для философов и политологов_________

10) It was Th. Jefferson who founded the Democratic Party in the USA.

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