XII. Прочитайте и письменно переведите текст на русский язык.

A Visit to the Restaurant.

Last week I had talks with Mr. Stanley, the Manager of Blake & Co. At the talks we discussed the terms of our contract. The talks were successful. We signed the contract & I invited Mr. Stanley to the restaurant to have dinner. This restaurant is famous for its traditional Belarusian dishes. The specialities of the house are delicious there. We came into the restaurant & took our seats at a table near the window. The waiter brought us the menu & some minutes later we made our order. We chose mushroom soup for the first course. It was very tasty. For the second course the waiter recommended us to take fried potatoes & roast-beef. We also ordered green salad & a bottle of dry red wine. There was a good choice of fruit & ice-cream for dessert. We finished our dinner with black coffee. We enjoyed our meals at the restaurant.

Then we asked the waiter for the bill. I should say that the service was excellent & the prices were quite reasonable at this restaurant.

Слова и словосочетания:

1. a dish – блюдо

2. specialities of the house – фирменные блюда

3. delicious – восхитительный (о вкусе, о запахе)

4. a waiter – официант

5. for the first course -- на первое

6. a choice -- выбор

7. a bill -- счет

8. quite -- вполне

9. reasonable – умеренный

Контрольная работа №1 вариант 2

Для выполнения контрольной работы необходимо усвоить следующий грамматический материал:

Ø Модальные глаголы can, must, may, needn't.

Ø The Present Continuous Tense для выражения будущего времени. Конструкция to be going to + инфинитив

Ø Простое будущее время (The Simple Future Tense).

Ø Косвенная речь (Reported Speech).

Ø Степени сравнения прилагательных (Degrees of comparison of adjectives).

Повторить: времена группы Indefinite, The Present Perfect Tense, The Present Continuous Tense.

Рекомендуемая литература:Г.А. Дудкина, Т.В. Павлова и др. Учебник английского языка для делового общения. Москва: ИОСО РАО, 2001.

Уроки 1 – 6 (вводно-фонетический курс); уроки 1 – 9 (основной курс).

1. Прочитайте и письменно переведите текст:

Small Business.

Today small businesses are the heart of the market economy. There are a great number & variety of small businesses. People become owners & operators of small business firms in one of three ways: start a new firm, buy a franchise, buy or inherit an existing firm.

Small firms have been established to manufacture & distribute goods, to sell them at retail & to provide all kinds of needed services.

The existence of a strong, healthy small business community is recognized as the best way to preserve competition, prevent monopolistic control of any industries, creating new jobs, products & services.

A small business is one which is independently owned & operated & not dominant in its field of operation. It should possess at least two of the following four characteristics: 1) management of the firm is independent; 2) capital is supplied & the ownership is held by an individual or a small group; 3) the area of operation is mainly local; 4) the size of the firm within its industry must be small when compared with the biggest units. There are the following criteria for defining small business: retailing, service, wholesaling, manufacturing.

The list of terms can be used to describe the size of a business:

Total assets – all that a business owns.

Net worth – business assets less that is owed.

Gross profits – money left from sales after expenses (except taxes) have been paid.

Employees – total number of workers & managers.

Net profit – what is left from gross profit after business income taxes are paid.

Income – net receipts, the total sales, less returns, allowances & discounts.

Слова и словосочетания:

Variety Franchise To inherit Competition Majority To distribute To create To own Ownership Dominant To possess To supply Benefit Rapid Wholesaling Retailing Manufacturing Total assets Net worth Owe Gross profits Net profits Income Net receipts Total sales Returns Allowances A discount Less Разнообразие лицензия крупной фирмы мелкому предпринимателю для продажи или предоставления каких-либо услуг (под ее маркой) наследовать конкуренция большинство распределять создавать владеть собственность влиятельный, господствующий обладать снабжать польза, выгода быстрый оптовая торговля розничная торговля производство общая стоимость имущества, сумма баланса собственный капитал (предприятия), стоимость имущества за вычетом обязательств быть должным, быть в долгу валовая прибыль чистая прибыль доход чистая выручка общий объем продаж, товарооборот возмещение начисления скидка в данном контексте переводится как "минус"

II. Дополните предложения из текста:

1. People become owners & operators …

2. Small firms have been established…

3. The existence of a strong, healthy, small business…

4. A small business is one …

III. Найдите в тексте английские эквиваленты к следующим словам и словосочетаниям:

1. Лицензия крупной фирмы мелкому предпринимателю для продажи продукции

2. унаследовать существующую фирму

3. общая стоимость имущества

4. собственный капитал

5. валовая прибыль

6. чистая прибыль

7. товарооборот

8. возмещение

9. начисление

10. скидки

IV. Ответьте на следующие вопросы по содержанию текста:

1. In what way (how) do people become owners & operators of small business firms?

2. What is recognized as the best way to preserve competition & to prevent monopolistic control of any industries?

3. What is the definition of "small business"?

4. What list of terms can be used to describe the size of a business?

V. Проставьте глагол в The Present Сontinuous Tense или the Simple Future Tense для выражения будущего:

1. Jane doesn't think she (to go out) tonight. She is too tired.

2. I promise I (to phone) you as soon as I arrive.

3. Don't worry about the dog. It (not to hurt) you.

4. I can't meet you this evening. A friend of mine (to come) to see me.

5. I (to go) to a party tomorrow. Would you like to come, too?

6. Have you been to the exhibition of paintings? Not yet, but we (to visit) the museum tomorrow.

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