Соедините слова из левой колонки с их определениями из правой колонки.

a Smart Board what is important in something, its real meaning
content supply or provide with what is necessary for an undertaking or for a special purpose
a device a kind of interactive whiteboard
to equip an invention, something made for a special purpose

Ответьте на вопросы к тексту письменно.

1) What does the usage of information technologies at school depend on?

2) Why do some teachers use such an activity as “video conferencing”? How do you understand the phrase “to bring the world into the classroom”?

3) What is the most important thing in the educational process?

Прочтите и переведите текст устно. Выполните задание № 9,10,11 к данному тексту.

Not all websites are created equal

Using websites is like talking to friends. While we all have friends that are truly knowledgeable and can be very helpful, we all also have friends who are often wrong, but never in doubt. Some of our friends may tell us things that have mixtures of truth and fiction at the same time. Most people know to be skeptical of what some of their friends tell them and we should hold websites to the same standards. However, there are a few guidelines that can help you to separate the informative from the misleading.

Commercial websites that are trying to sell a product cannot be trusted to tell you the truth about issues related to that product. You may be able to gain understanding of a product and be able to compare products using these sites, but any claims should be highly suspect. Never forget they are trying to sell you something. Selling you something is the website’s goal, not educating you.

Websites sponsored by particular commercial, political, or other entities should be viewed with suspicion as well. Like commercial websites, these sites also have a goal of “selling” you something, it just may be a particular belief rather than a physical product. Check the “about us” page to see who sponsors the website. You are more likely to get high-quality information from websites affiliated with universities, government agencies, and some news organizations or non-profit associations devoted to public education.

Beyond these categories, we enter realm of news and magazine websites, blogs, and Wikipedia. All of these reporting platforms are valuable and can be trustworthy. Many respectable news and magazine websites now employ bloggers, hired because they are good journalists, with editors in some cases reviewing blog posts prior to publication. So blogs may be of equal or higher quality than many paper publications.

9. Выделите суффикс слова, определите по суффиксу часть речи, переведите слова письменно:

1. publication 2. journalist 3. respectable 4. editor 5. valuable 6. blogger 7. education 8. political 9. sponsor 10. commercial 11. informative 12. highly 13. helpful 14. knowledgeable 15. skeptical 16. suspicion 17. information 18. government

10. Подберите синоним из второй колонки к словам в первой колонке:

1. trustworthy 1. to detach
2. high-quality 2. reliable
3. to separate 3. special
4. particular 4. upscale
5. misleading 5. a combination
6. a mixture 6.deceiving

Переведите письменно третий абзац текста.


Вариант 3

Напишите предложения полностью, соединив части предложений из колонки А с частями предложений из колонки В.

If you still don’t feel well I’ll ask him to call you
If I don’t feel OK tomorrow I’ll call you
If you go out tell him to call me
If I go out wait in the lobby
If you have a problem I won’t come in to work
If you see Tom stay at home tomorrow
If I see Keith I’ll wait in the lobby
If you get there before me call me
If I get there before you Lock the door

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